3 Travel Tips For A Boat Trip To Ensure A Comfy Voyage

December 18, 2022 0 Comments


If you have a boat trip on the cards, here’s an essential piece of instructions to ensure you stay safe and comfortable throughout your journey. With a boat trip, the key remains with avoiding motion sickness, staying comfortable, packing light and maintaining your health. Are you also excited to buy diary planners, check out a big collection of lang calendars with best price here.

Read on to find out what easy steps can cut off the hassles and add on to the pleasure-

  1. Avoiding Motion Sickness While On a Boat

Usually, larger freighter boats and cruises cause less motion sickness, while small ferries and vessels lead to more kinetosis or seasickness. If you have booked your tickets on a ferry to take you around for the weekend, get prepared with seasickness remedies and prevention tips below.

Chew something! This significantly helps to prevent motion sickness in general

Keep looking out of your window towards the horizon. This helps to maintain the inner sense of balance while on the cruise.

Take a nap if nothing helps. This will, at least, help to avoid the psychogenically produced effects of travelling.

Consume more ginger before you start your voyage. This will help to pacify the pyloric valve at the lower stomach.

There are some over-the-counter medications available to prevent motion sickness. If you feel your condition worsens while you’re on the wheels (or navigate or fly), get the medicine along. You can also get it prescribed by your GP if required!

  1. Eating and Drinking Right Onboard

Often, when we are travelling, we tend to neglect our health for a simple, yet stupid reason- I’m on a vacation! But more often than not, we end up paying a huge cost for this negligence. Nothing matters more than your health; not even the fun and pleasure. So make sure you do not get gluttonous looking at the myriad menu options available on board. Eat and drink only what’s right for you. If you don’t take a third drink (alcoholic) at home, you shouldn’t do it on the boat too. Do not forget or overlook your doctor’s and dietician’s advice on food and simply learn to say ‘no’ to the forbidden fruit.

  1. Your Essential Boat Packing Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Travelling on a freighter boat or a cruise is just like a hiking expedition where you do not carry more than you can lift! There are no conveyor belts; no trolleys and no carriers; moreover, there often aren’t any safe places to keep your copious possessions (unless you’re travelling on a luxury cruise). So it is always important that you only carry less (but right) clothes, travel packs for toiletries and your bags contain enough pockets to serve as small pouches. Roll your clothes to save them from wrinkles and carry only your essential pair of shoes that you won’t regret carrying or wish to throw away to ease some weight.

Also, leave some space in your backpack! You might as well like to buy some souvenirs back home.

When you start preparing for your boat travel, make a list of items you might need to buy. Here are a few items that you might also like to include- sample packs/travel packs of deodorants, shampoos and soaps, all your important medicines, and a money belt to keep your cash safe, especially if you plan to use dorm-style berthing. Do not forget, it doesn’t make any sense to carry along your expensive handbag or a designer watch to the boat. When you’re on a vacation, leave back all the lifestyle add-ons and stay smart.

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