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Finding the best facial moisturizer for your skin type doesn’t have to be difficult. Being the largest organ in the body, and one of the most important as far as good health is concerned; you just can’t help but take good care of your skin. If you are looking forward to Laser treatments Delray Beach

It can however turn out to be quite a daunting experience when going for skin care products, especially when you do not know what to look for in a moisturizer cream. The harsh truth is that, you do not just pick any kind of skin care product just for the sake of it. There are several factors to consider and measures to take in different situations as far as your skin health is concerned. This is majorly because different people have different types and conditions of skin depending on various factors such as disease, weather, genetics, and lifestyle, among others.

Do you know your skin type?

Some people have oily skin; some have soft and sensitive skin, whereas others have dry skin. This said; there are a number of factors or reasons that can cause skin dryness. These include cold weather, hot baths and showers, family history, disease, or other skin conditions. The bottom line is that before purchasing a skin care product, or even before considering what to look for in a face cream, you should well be familiar with the type of your skin. Below are some of the ingredients and forms of skin care product to look for in a moisturizer according to skin type, type of moisturizer and active components.

Type of moisturizer

  • Creams. Heavy creams are best applied at bed time to allow for maximal penetration to deeper skin layers, especially those meant for dry skin. Our natural face cream absorbs without any residue despite its thick texture.
  • Lotions. A good lotion for dry skin is one that soaks after some minutes and leaves the skin hydrated. On the other hand, light water-based lotions are mainly designed for people with oily skin types. Most of them contain alpha hydroxyl acids that rectify clogged up pores and heal breakouts.
  • Petroleum/oil based ointments. For itchy, dry and flaky skin, oil based jellies are the best option. They retain the natural moisture within the skin, keeping the skin soft in under reconstruction.
  • Fragrance free formulas. Whether in form of a cream, lotions, or oil based; cosmetic products that are free from perfumes and fragrances are best for people with sensitive or reddened skins. This is also the cases in most people with topical allergies.

What are the main ingredients?

  • Antioxidants. They are important for neutralizing and getting rid of free radicals from within the skin. When a product is indicated to contain antioxidants, it means that it is able to rejuvenate dull skin back to normalcy. People with mature dry skin might as well consider emollient products with antioxidants to prevent new wrinkle formation and facial lines.
  • SPF moisturizers. SPF moisturizers are beneficial for skin care, especially for people with premature aging issues. A product labeled as SPF 50 is suitable for use as an outdoor sun screen. When it is indicated as SPF 30, it is fit for prevention of excessive aging and skin cancers.
  • Soothers. Many people like scratching the skin whenever they feel some form of irritation. However, this is not so advisable. Soothers are included in moisturizers to prevent skin irritation and keep it refreshed.

Part of the body and time of application

  • Face. The facial skin is in most cases more delicate as compared to the rest of the body. It is therefore important to understand what to look for in a moisturizer cream, to be able to select your products well, ensuring that moisturizers for facial use are light and less harsh.
  • Body. Cosmetic products meant for the body may be heavier or less heavy depending on the skin type and other factors.
  • Injured skin. If your skin is injured for one reason or another, you should consider products that are a bit heavy. These will prevent the ;loss of moisture to the surrounding, as well as facilitate healing if they contain cell repair components such as hyaluronic acid.

Heavy based cosmetic products are the best to use during winter and cold days. On the other hand, especially now that you have an idea of how to find the best face moisturizer for your skin type, light based products are the best to use during hot summer days.

It is always advisable that before you go for a skin care product, you consult with a cosmetic expert, a dermatologist, or your health care provider just in case you have an under laying medical condition that might not respond well to a particular product. Some skin irregularities are due to a disease or medication, which in most cases return to normal away after the medical issue is addressed or treated. Be sure to contact our skin care shop if you have any questions.

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