My Skin Feels Like its Burning

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Are you suffering from burning sensation on skin? or Are you searching from the terms like my skin feels like its burning or something similar? Skin burning sensation is a very common but quite annoying problem. There are many causes of this condition such as nerve problem also known as paresthesia is one of the most common causes of burning sensation on the skin. Some common symptoms of this condition may include pricking sensation, itchiness, numbness and burning sensation on the skin. Check more to learn about “best dermatologist in the world 2023“.

Circulation problem is another possible cause of this condition. Sometimes due to peripheral vascular disease, the blood vessels become narrow and this narrowing of vessels affects the normal blood flow. Some common symptoms of this condition may include blue lips, swollen feet and burning sensation on legs and arms.

Some other culprits behind this condition may include skin allergies, side effects of medication, sun exposure, pregnancy, use of chemical based cosmetic products, skin infection like shingles, diabetes, skin disorders such as scabies, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis etc.

My Skin Feels Like its Burning – Treatment

First of all, you should visit a dermatologist to ascertain the underlying cause behind the skin burning sensation. Once the exact cause is identified, your doctor then may prescribe you with an appropriate treatment or medicine. You can also use some simple at home remedies to treat your problem. Here are some remedies for you.

If any skin disorder is behind your problem then you can get relief from a mixture of crushed neem leaves and one teaspoon each of sesame oil and turmeric powder. Apply this resultant paste on the affected area. Allow it to sit on your skin for an hour and then wash off. This mixture is an excellent remedy against damaged and burning skin.

Lastly, try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Do not scratch the affected area as it can lead to skin infection. Eat healthy and skin friendly diet.

How to Reduce Smile Lines

Smile lines also know as nasolabial folds, can have variety of causes such as stress, aging, malnutrition, dry or dehydrated skin etc. There are various medical options available to reduce or remove these smile lines. Some commonly used medical treatments for smile lines are collagen treatment, surgery, cheek augmentation, laser treatment etc. Apart from these options, one should also try to keep himself/herself healthy and fit by making a regular exercise routine and a balanced diet menu. Read below to get some tips on how to reduce smile lines.

How to Reduce Smile Lines

There are various remedies to reduce smile lines, but if you want to get rid of these lines completely, then you have to go for a surgery. Smile lines become visible due to lack of collagen production inside the body, which reduces the tautness of the skin and your skin tends to sag. Some commonly used medical options for these lines include the use of fillers or creams, facelift and cheek lift surgery, collagen treatment, cheek augmentation etc. Consult with a dermatologist to get an accurate treatment.

Use of collagen, hyaluronic acid, keratin based anti wrinkle cream is also an effective way to reduce smile lines. While choosing cream, look from product labeled Cynergy TK and antioxidants like, Nano-lipobelle HEQ10.

Apart from these over the counter products and medical treatment options, you must make a good diet menu as diet also plays an important role in keeping smile lines at bay. Stay away from drinking, smoking and dehydration causing substances. Include lot of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin and mineral rich food sources into your diet. Also, make a regular exercise regimen to keep your skin and body look healthy and tight. Lastly, make a good skin care regimen to keep your skin look younger, flawless and glowing throughout the life.

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