Online Qualifier Niall Smith Wins keluar sgp Irish Open

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One day Niall Smyth was online at keluar sgp .com putting a €10 each way bet on the English Grand National. He won €200. A few days later Smyth took the €200 and won a satellite which got him a seat in the 2011 Irish Open at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. 315 players entered the €3200 buyin tournament.

Smyth then proceeded to win first place and €550,000. The Irish Open is the second oldest NLHE tournament running continuously since 1981, with the only older NLHE tournament being the WSOP in Las Vegas. On top of that, Smyth won an additional €100,000 for being the Sole Survivor, which required lasting longer than 160 online players. €50k of the €100K will be paid in cash, the other 50€ in sponsorship: tournament buyins and expenses.  That’s a total of €650,000 off of a €10 investment!


Quite the accomplishment for Niall Smith. This year’s tournament started with 20,000 in chips, double past years, which led to more skillful play and longer levels. Despite that Smyth was able to come into the final table as the chip leader with over 2 Million in chips.


At the final table it got down to heads up between Smyth and Surinder Sunar, the British poker pro with almost $4 Million in lifetime winnings, heads up. To complete the story book ending Smyth overcame Sunar in an almost 4 hour heads up grudge match to take the Irish Open 2011 title!


The prize pool was €1,968,000 with 64 players getting paid. Places & Payouts:

1: Niall Smyth (Ireland) – €550,000

2: Surinder Sunar (England) – €290,000

3: Martin Petri (Denmark) – €180,000

4: Seamus Cahill (Ireland) – €145,000

5: Aleksi Savela (Finand) – €115,000

6: Karl Rudwall (Sweden) – €85,000

7: Rob Taylor (Ireland) – €63,000

8: John Eames (UK) – €45,000

9: Niall McCann (Ireland) – €30,000

Schildy1984 wins PokerStars WCOOP Event 28

This year’s World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing at PokerStars, with players from around the globe competing for awesome prize pools in exciting tournaments. We’re fast-approaching the halfway mark of the series, so a huge amount of cash has already been won but, more importantly, there’s also a lot of it up for grabs. Event 28 wrapped up earlier this week, and the lucky winner to walk away with the number one spot was Schildy1984 of Austria, who received $206,280 for a job well done.

The World Championship of Online Poker is pretty much exactly what the name suggests. It can be seen as the internet’s answer to the World Series of Poker, and the PokerStars hosted series is by far and away the largest such online series around. This 2011 series boasts a massive combined guaranteed prize pool of $30,000,000, which is much larger than many were expecting given the withdrawal of PokerStars from the US market. The combined prize pool is spread over 62 events this year, which offer a great variety so players of any game should be able to find a tournament they’ll love.


Event 28 was one of the more standard formats, a simple No Limit Holdem tournament with no surprises. The buy-in was respectable at $1,000, and 1146 players decided to register and take their shot at the money. This many contestants lead to an almost doubling of the prizepool from its guaranteed $600,000 to the final figure of $1,146,000, to be divided among the top 135 players, with the winner allocated over $200,000. The event dragged on over two days before finally finishing less than an hour into September 15th.


After nearly two days of grueling button clicking and close decisions, the tournament got down to just three entrants, two players from Austria and one from neighboring Australia. The Australian player, delaney_kid, was Schildy1984′s first casualty, and was sent to the rail in third place. This gave Schildy1984 a slightly more than 3:2 chip lead against fellow countryman TheFan83 as Heads Up play commenced. While the chip edge was small, it was more than enough for Schildy who dispensed his opponent within a dozen hands when his flopped overpair turned a set to beat TheFan83′s two pair when the money went all-in on the river. Runner-up TheFan83 received just under $150,000 for his efforts, and the winner on the day Schildy1984 walked away with the pride, the title, and $206,280.00 in tournament winnings.


Final Table Results are as follows:


1 – Schlidy1984 (Austria) $206,280.00

2 – TheFan83 (Austria) $147,031.80

3 – delaney_kid (Australia) $110,016.00

4 – d-mon-d (Norway) $82,512.00

5 – djibh (Canada) $57,300.00

6 – touchmynuts1 (Ukraine) $45,840.00

7 – lindeyloo22 (Canada) $34,380.00

8 – anguila (Spain) $22,920.00

9 – hithenose (Spain) $13,752.00


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