Tips for using the dry shampoo – Explained by Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood

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Surely you’ve seen on more than one occasion with the messy hair, no time or opportunity to wash it and having to attend an important meeting or appointment, soon knowing that your hair is going to take a look untidy and unkempt. If you are looking forward to Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood

You can try solutions like talcum powder, but is likely to worsen the problem and end up looking like you have gray hair. However, all is not lost, as the dry shampoo can help us overcome this situation.

tips for using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is not a product to be used daily, as ultimately may end up damaging your hair and scalp, but used occasionally or combining it with the washing of the hair will help you improve your appearance in minutes.

Using it is very simple. Just apply it on your hair, spreading the contents of the package, usually with a spray all over the hair and leave it on the time indicated by the manufacturer and then brush your hair thoroughly to remove all traces of shampoo.

Once done, your hair appears clean and bright as freshly washed.

For the result to be perfect do not forget to shake the bottle before use and make sure the roots are well soaked hair product, ending acquiring a consistency similar to talcum powder.

This shampoo is a very suitable option for women who have oily hair, shampoo combined with his usual oily hair. By not washing your hair as often, not increase sebum production of the scalp, so keep at bay the fat of your hair.

Hair care during pregnancy

Posted on February 3, 2013 by Erika

During pregnancy, many women find that their hair changes. In addition to being more abundant, it becomes stronger and its appearance is much healthier and shinier, resulting a much more healthy and beautiful hair. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy are responsible for the new look of your hair, but you must provide a number of special care.

hair care during pregnancy

Another aspect that contributes to the health of your hair renewed is that during pregnancy should not be used dyes with ammonia or oxidants, but only those made ​​with plant extracts, which are suffering attacks minors. Nor should discolor or make permanent, as it is very common for these treatments allergic reactions on the scalp during pregnancy.

If your hair was dry before pregnancy, now look much better because it will increase the secretion of fat, giving it extra shine and vitality, and also notice that it falls much less. If still a little dry, you can use once a week a little olive oil to moisturize.

If your hair was standard, you should not make special care. A frequent use shampoo will be enough to keep it in perfect condition.

If your hair was greasy, you will notice that oil production increases. Therefore, you must use very mild shampoos to wash and do it often, but not daily to make the problem worse.

Whatever your hair type do not hesitate to give head massage to improve blood circulation to the scalp, thus increasing its vitality.

After delivery, you will notice how your hair starts to fall out. Do not worry; this is normal, also due to hormones. If necessary, you can take some vitamin or iron supplement, always under the supervision of your doctor.

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