Wake-up eyes double skin care

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Your eyes are the first signs of skin aging a billboard, four steps to help you deal with the eye fine lines!

You may have such feelings: has been using an eye-care products, annoying eye pattern has become worse, how do? You can try to do a double eye care. Basic method is to first conduct eye Serum moisture, and then with eye care products category. After a period of time so insistent, eye wrinkles will be significantly improved.

If you often make-up, have to use eye make-up remover emulsion dedicated clear, especially Eyeliner and mascara, do not let cosmetics pigment infiltration, gathered in the eye in the skin, so that the skin is easy to stimulate the eye, so every days must be thoroughly cleaned eye cosmetics.

to remove wrinkles! When the gradual deterioration of fine lines, wrinkles appeared. The selection of high concentrations of anti-wrinkle eye cream can be shallow components of wrinkles and to prevent the emergence of new wrinkles. Of course, in order to completely remove wrinkles or must rely on the help of cosmetic surgery.

Special pores care

Special pores Care (cleaning up after the dead skin care, the effect of doubling)

When the pores around the nose changed significantly when bound to conduct a clean-up. Cleansing immediately after use wake-up cream massage. Circle massage at the same time, dead skin from the pores completely cleared out. Moreover, use cotton dipped clarifying toner the right amount of drugs after cleaning the face and gently squeeze nose pores by sebum. This will be a very good convergence pores, firming effect. Pores care after the use of vitamin C saturated, it is easy to compact with good skin-care effects.

1, Do not use with strong anti-inflammatory, bactericidal components of skin care products. This component is easy to damage the skin of the skin to lose the essence of resistance, so that blocking the pores. More coarse pores, melanoma, the more obvious problems of sedimentation.

2, do not use alkaline soap. Too easy to stimulate the basic components of pores, and pores become thick and tight skin becomes dry, sensitive and easy to give birth to small wrinkles. Learn more about facial rejuvenation center nashville

3, to strengthen the facial cleansing care. If the natural pores large, although not fully to improve the nature of the skin, but they can often make a clean mask do care, to prevent bacterial infection and to avoid more large pores, aging earlier.


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